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20mm CP Models

WWII Germany 1944-45 Fallschirmjager

FJ01 10 Man infantry section inc officer & MG42

10 Figures

Price 7.00


FJ02 81mm Mortar team move/firing

6 Figures

Price 4.20


FJ03 FJ Feldgendarme set

5 Figures

Price 3.50


FJ04 HQ team inc radio & radio

6 Figures

Price 4.45


FJ05 FJ radio team

4 Models

Price 2.25


FJ06 FJ casualty set inc stretcher bearers

5 Figures

Price 3.50


Painted figures by Matt Hingley

FJ07 Pioneers inc flame thrower & pole charge

5 Figures

Price 3.50


FJ08 1944-45 Stug assault gun crew

5 Figures

Price 3.25


FJ09 FJ riflemen move/fire poses

4 Figures

Price 2.80


FJ10 FJ with MG42

3 Figures

Price 2.10