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Quality white metal miniatures for gamers, figure painters & collectors

Near Future Troopers, painted by Stone Cold Lead Figure Painting


Price Rise Delay

We are in the process of having a new website designed to modernise the site

This is taking slightly longer than expected so will delay the price increase until the beginning of September 

On the plus side this gives you the old prices for a little while longer


Unfortunately due to rising costs we are going to have to introduce a price rise

This will be around 15% on most figures but there will be some figures which will not be affected



Matt of Glenbrook Games will be attending UK shows with a selection of our 28mm Sci-fi & fantasy figures

Next show will be Crisis

 If you would like to pre-order figures for a show please contact Matt to see if it's possible for him to bring them along for you



New Releases

Gnome Command Sets

28mm Figures supplied with separate shields


Oriental Legends

28mm Oriental Pig Monster


Celtic Dwarfs

New 28mm Celtic Dwarf sets


Night Terrors

New 28mm witches & lich



Uriah Orc Captain



A selection of new 28mm Barbarian Warriors

Bolt Thrower Crew


Gnome warriors

28mm Figures supplied with separate shields